Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bike Lane to Mexico and Make Your Bike an E-Bike in 60 Seconds.

I am sure you have heard about the proposal to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to prevent immigration.  Have you ever thought that we needed a bike lane instead?  Large numbers of people actually cross the border each day to work legally.  Yup, really.  And so the newest proposal is to build a bike lane.  #buildabikelane #wallwithMexico  Perhaps we could also have cycling border guards, and acceptable vendors who could offer mango slices with lime and salt to the weary riders.  An espresso bar?  Cafe con leche?

Various communities in the Mid-Atlantic region are celebrating bike month with events and the citing of irrefutable statistics that should persuade event the grumpiest of able-bodied motorists to rise off of their posteriors: Last year riders burned over 16  million calories and saved 16,000 pounds of CO2.  Drivers . . . well, they experienced bottom spread and polluted.  If they had a safe place to ride . . . maybe the world would start to right itself.  Just sayin'.

Detroit!  What's up?  I love that Detroit, Motor City, is building share bikes.  Let's take that market back, expand it and thrive.

Park City is co-sponsoring a showing of Bikes vs. Cars, the documentary.  If you can possibly show up to this, do.  #Bikesvscars

Innovation.  It's a great thing.  Are there days when you could use an electric bike?  Now this new invention can help you make your bike into an e-bike in 60 seconds.  Take a look at this one.  I know my new commute will have a killer hill in the last stretch.  This may be a great solution for me on certain nights.

This humble blog will be posted less often in the next six months.  For my few readers I offer an explanation.  I am writing a legal reference book right now, moving to another bike-able neighborhood, working as a lawyer and keeping our young son on course to become an intelligent, ethical, and strong adult.  Ride on brave forward thinkers.  And may the force of cycling be with you.  Or as Yoda would say, on you must ride.  The force strong will be.

[This blog is never written for profit, except perhaps in the afterlife.]

So if I see you in the bike lanes, and you are burning calories and saving CO2, let's be smug.
Elisa P.