Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hollywood Writers and General Motors Employees on Bikes? Whaaaaattt?

It has been a week of strange changes in the world of cycling.  Good things are happening.  Really good things.  Which is a little anxiety-provoking.  After all, I am used to playing the cycling underdog.   About what will I complain?  Yikes.

For example:

In Hollywood, people drive around in cars.  Expensive cars, weird cars, but cars.  Enter Tom Smuts, Mad Men Writer.  He biked to the Emmy Awards.  (How many reasons do you really need to love this guy?)  I hope that he does not fall victim to some Hollywood mob like the one in Nathaniel West's The Day of the Locusts.  The idea of someone biking down Wilshire or Sunset boulevards during evening traffic to accept an award from possibly the most shallow of industries is too much to conceive.  #tomsmutsrocks


Some people worry about how to keep cyclists off the sidewalk.  I do not.  But how do you keep them off if you care about that?  According to a note in the Sacramento Bee newspaper - the one started by a skeptic named Twain- the answer is to Improvise.

Then there is this story which must be a gag:

Houston is getting its first protected bike lanes.  Isn't that an oil, cattle, feedlot big enough to ruin the ozone kind of state?  Why are all my belief being attacked by facts?


If I told you that General Motors had started a bike share program on its campus in Warren, Michigan, would you think I had lost my gourd?  Me too.

Seattle's bike share system is up and running.  And guess who is moving back to town to take advantage of a talent pool?  Yup a big company that might have something to do with lumber and stuff.

Policy and Advocacy:

If the draft rules pass, construction companies is DC will have to make accommodations to cyclists when they block the bike lanes.  This is unsettling.  Now what will I have to complain about? #developersthatcomplywillnotsuck

If General Motors wants about 19,000 of its employees to ride around on bicycles, and this is not a happy dream, what does that mean for other large companies?  What will it mean to the automotive sector?

Yup, Weyerhaeuser is moving from its remote suburban campus to downtown Seattle to attract a more talented people who ride bikes.  Wait?  Is that exactly what they said at the press conference?  #weyerhaeuser  #bikesandsmartpeople  #whythehelldidthesepeopleevermoveanyway


LAPD is backing a hit and run alert system that may tag motorists that hit cyclists and then speed away.   #surveillancewecanalllove

Random Notes:

A Vimeo on the global BMX project that is worth a 31 minute view.  I know you might think BMX is for exploitive parents and tattooed 'tweens who are just a few short years from developing a life-destroying meth habit, but that is not necessarily true.  #BMX

Great News:

Momentum Magazine has voted Bicycle Space, a great little shop in DC where I have spent a ton of money with consistently good results, one of the five best.  #bicyclespace

So if I see you in the bike lanes, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Electric BIkes Being Made In Washington, D.C. Even If Laws Are Not.


Protected bike lanes debuted this week in Pentagon City.  Yup.  The mall place.  The Pentagon place.  The place you never thought protected bike lanes would appear.  You imagined tank traps, yes.  But bike lanes, no.  And yet here they are.  Challenging your urbanite, smartphone toting, Twitter clever beliefs.  As a great philosopher once stated, go figure.
#bikelanes  #protectedbikelanes  #crapweshouldhavedonedecadesago

Ward 8 is now getting 7.5 miles of bike lanes.  This community has been underserved for years.  It even went without a decent grocery store for decades.  This is a terribly hopeful sign.
#bikelanes  #finally

Seattle's bike lanes along Broadway are really pretty amazing to see.  Green markings let people coming out of driveways know where the bike lanes begin.  Inflatable, decorative bollards help separate motorists and cyclists with good modern art.  Not that iffy modern art that makes you feel slightly belittled for regarding it.  More like a serious Mondrian than that stained, beige carpet sample someone hung in MOMO falsely claiming it captured the essence of man's inhumanity to man.  Check it out.

London gets its first bike lanes in a roundabout. Let's see if cars can comply.

The headline is quite silly: "Some Say that Bike Lane May Have Added to Confusion in Bicyclist's Death."  Hmm.  Well, some say the earth is flat.  Some say that Jimmy Hoffa is buried in their backyard.  Some say they can see the Virgin of Guadalupe in their toast.  This reporter said it was a "freak accident."  Very simply, he was doored.  Some who say otherwise are silly.!bGvwy3


There have been over 23 million rides on bike share.  And there have been zero deaths from bike share in the United States.  Zero.  4700 people died last year from choking.  But none of them were on bike share when they choked.

Strange data since The Washington Post wrote a story insinuating that head injuries were on the rise from bike shares being used by non-helmet-wearing riders.  (I was always skeptical about this.  Instead I blame distracted tourists who like to point at monuments and talk over their shoulder to their family members while crossing busy intersections.  But I have no data to support this.)

Want the City of Los Angeles to place a bike share dock near a particular Metro stop?  Then vote on where you want it to go.  Or don't and grouse later.  As they say in LA, whatever.

Bixi is facing a repair problem, and so is the program in Toronto.  Complaints are surfacing that the share bikes are in a state of deterioration.  Since it is a public service, the Canadians are trying to figure out how to save it.

CNNMoney reports on a new program to reduce the cost of bike share programs by eliminating the kiosk and adding interactive screens on individual share bikes.
Given that the kiosks in DC are solar powered, it seems unclear how this would cut costs to municipalities.

Bike share is good for the environment, that is, if people use it.  For every mile travelled on a bike and not in a car, about a pound of carbon dioxide is saved.  However, hard data on how much carbon bike sharing is really saving is not available yet.  Depending upon which share system you are talking about, between 20 and 53% of share users report using their car less.  The bottom line?  Bike share systems have saved over 2900 metric tons of carbon since 2009.  A little harder to heat your planet with those stats, eh?

The College of William and Mary is adding bike racks, bike share, and more.

Bike share started in downtown Cincinnati this month.!bGuOn8

Events and Charities:

BoBikesBama is Bo Johnson's organization that raises money to help disaster victims in the State of Alabama, voted the least bike-friendly state in the country.  It seems to me that every able-bodied cycling advocate should participate in this ride - held annually in April - for a good cause, for good exercise, and to show all Alabamans that cyclists are great people.
#bobikesbama  #don'tbeabamajustshowup

The Ride to Victory is coming up in less than a month.  You can support this cancer charity by riding.

Show up between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. at the intersection of 14th and Q Northwest on Wednesday to receive free Peregrine Coffee thanks to The Bike Rack.

Policy and Advocacy:

Effective in September, California motorists will have to give a three foot berth to cyclists.  I hereby name this the "duh" statute.

Home in Washington, bike riding in lanes jumped over 40% upon the installation of the L street lanes.  Cycling on the sidewalk (by non-celebrities) dropped by 27%.  As Diane Keaton stated in Woody Allen's Sleeper, "Makes you think."


Want to know how the Netherlands designed those terrific bike intersection junctions?  Here's a lovely video that breaks it down for you.

How you present a policy issue can often determine whether you can build consensus for change.  So if you itemize the number of parking spots lost to bike lanes, you lose.  If you emphasize how small the percentage of spaces will be lost, you just might win.  See how it worked in one jurisdiction.


If you insist on participating in World Naked Bike Ride Day, against my very sage advice, please follow these etiquette tips from Bicycling Magazine.  My favorite is" "[F]or the love of all humanity," if you ride a share bike, sanitize the seat.  Indeed.  And use some e-coli killing product.  I should also add that you might want to cover your face with something like a bag to prevent people who might hire you from knowing that you were there in the buff.

So if you are the Chief of Police at NYPD, you get a full waiver and may park in any bike lanes with your ear-piece-wearing security detail.  Wait a second!  I do not recall that law or that waiver.


Bicycling Magazine offer tips on how to travel with your bike.


Electric bikes made in the District of Columbia?  Yup.  Well at least something's getting done in this city!

Electric bike sales are surging across Europe.   Now mail carriers in some areas are using e-bikes to deliver the mail.  I guess this is in lieu of parking in the bike lane or folding and shoving photos in the mail slots of decent tax paying Americans.

But electric mountain bikes?  This, I do not understand.

That old stalwart, Popular Mechanics, the magazine your father, or grandfather had on his work bench next to his Heathkit junk, covers a new electric bike that might be ideal thing for urban commuters.
#electric bikes

Cargoes with electric engines are replacing sedans.  Maybe not overnight, but in time.  If this trend is nothing more than a trend, as the author suggests, it is just capturing the zeitgeist.  Beware.  The zeitgeist changes by definition, and cycling needs to become a lifestyle for Americans, not a trend that passes.


Although he was nabbed in Cheltenham, an ocean away, I feel fiendish delight in the arrest, conviction and sentencing of a bike thief who got three years in the clink.  Jolly, jolly good show crown court.

James May of Top Gear seems ready to embrace bike lanes.  Compare that with his irascible colleague.

Bike porn:

A great video of Copenhagen's bike culture where bikes are thought of as utilitarian transport items, like vacuum cleaners.  Yes, the woman who drives the sperm bank bike that holds the frozen sperm is featured.  Enjoy.

CNN Travel covered the world's best bicycling cities.  Berlin was at the top.  Perhaps Angela rides a bit herself.

Random notes:

Honestly.  I know the USA Pro Challenge started today, and I am really trying to care.  Really.  But I guess I have evolved sufficiently to think bikes are just fun transportation, and not objects for competition amongst the juiced.  In case you do care though, here is a link to Bicycling's blog.

In watching Bob the Builder with my four-year-old tonight, I learned Bob was on a bike lane project.  Who is the saint who writes this stuff???

So if I see you in the bike lane, creating no carbon, dressed (please!), and being mannerly, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Micro Bicycle Book Review from the Woman Who Brings You Weekly Bike News and Snark

Un terrible semaine.  Deux grosses pertes.  Nos couers sont lourdes.  Au revoir nos heros.

First, read anything by Eban Weiss, writing under the name Bikesnob NYC.
All of his books are funny, irreverant, and worth your time.  Will he teach you how to repair things easily or talk your way out of a sidewalk cycling ticket?  Probably not.  Will he delight and amuse?  Absolutely.  Great for the urban cyclisy who can walk her bike to the shop for repairs, have a latte while the mechanic works her magic, then head on to the shops without ever having to sit in the wet grass to fix a flat.  
iBooks store.
Chronicle Books.  
pp. 225

Random, lovely photo in memorium.

A fast review of cycling books you should consider.

The Bike Owner's Handbook
By Peter Drinkell
Cicada Books Limited
pp. 111
$9.00 to $20.00 depending on the seller

Why I recommend it:
It fits in a pannier or back pocket.  It has clear instructions on how to repair things.  The format considers the content.  In other words, it is clear and concise, can be referenced like a car manual in the event you blow a tire or have to fix things by the side of the bike lane.  Its prose is humble.  Carry this book, an extra tube, some tools, and a small but powerful flashlight.  The world will be your oyster, my cycling friend.

The Bike to Work Guide: Save Gas, Go Green, Get Fit
By Roni Sarig with Paul Dorn
Adams Media
pp. 200
$2.95 used and upward up for new
Available on Kindleunlimited

Why I recommend it:
When you want to start biking to work, the planning can seem daunting.  What to wear?  What to bring?  What if?  Every concern you may have is in here, and the solutions to those concerns are clearly addressed.  Don't read it if you are a procrastinator.  It will make you into a do-er.  This is a book to read sever weeks before you set out to begin your commute.  It is not a manual for roadside repairs like The Bike Owner's Handbook, but it does help you think about repairs.  It belongs on the nightstand where it can be pondered.

Bicycle Magazine's The New Cyclist Handbook
Edited by Ben Hewitt
Rodale Press
pp. 147
$8.95 and upward for new

Why I recommend it:
Just like Sarig's Bike to Work Guide, it helps you plan.  It is less for the urban sartorialist cyclist, more for guy in the suburbs with kids who knows the only way he will get a workout in that day is to ride.  It also helps current riders plan for that fitter more ambitious time in their lives.

Bicycling Magazine's Every Woman's Guide to Cycling
Selene Yaeger
New American Library 2008
pp. 302
$11.00 and upward for new

Why recommend it:
See above.  Same thing, but it is for women.  I like the frank conversation about what might happen to your behind.  It is a good read for any woman planning to get out there.  More time and more practical comments on safety should be added to the next edition of this book.  #Everywoman'sguidetocycling

Re-Cycling: Taking up Bicycling Again as an Adult
Bruce Wynkoop
pp. 75
$11.00 and up for new

Why I recommend it:
Languid.  Practical.  Basic.  If you have been sitting around on the couch for a year (or perhaps years) binge watching, then you woke up, and had a cycling epiphany, this just might be the book for you.  Basic tips including what you need and why, and why cyclists do things that may seem mysterious to drivers or pedestrians.  It feels self-published, but its tone is humble and sincere.   #Re-cycling

Bikenomics: How Bicycling Cans Save the Economy
Elly Blue
Microcosm Publishing
pp. 191

Why I recommend it:
Okay, I confess.  I think Elly is a leader in the revolution.  But I also used to be a book reviewer and her writing style is energetic, persuasive and visual.  I want her arguments to be true, and I believe she is right on most points.  Most importantly, this is a conversation we need to be having as a nation.  It's part of the lingua franca.  You cannot be left behind.  Buy it.  Read it.  Begin to think about how cars have contributed to isolation, obesity, and climate problems.  And think about how we can change the way we live in furtherance of our economy, health, national security, and economic sustainability.  #bikenomics

So if I see you in the bike lane, or the book store trying to find the right cycling book for you, let's be smug.   And let's be grateful that we had Robin Williams around making us laugh for over three decades.  Smugly.  Fondly.
Elisa P.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Normalize Cycling, Win Smart Work Force, and Be Safe Out There.

Photo courtesy of irony.                 #Nixonashipster


California is about to move its bike lane program out from under the supervision of Caltrans, the freeway people.  This sounds great, but will money be harder to get now since California is still a car state with a massive freeway system?  Stay tuned.

The National Journal has picked up on the issue of millennials wanting to live where there are bike lanes.  Better late than never.  Denver's Tech sector is taking note.  The Tech sector businesses there are attempting to locate in central areas accessible by bike.  How will older workers fit in?  By getting on a bike, I hope.  How will disabled workers fit in?  That remains to be seen.  If cities bring up the quality of their schools, that talent pool will stick around after they have children.  In the meantime, check out this Workcycle, made in the United States, ridden by a differently abled person around Capital Hill, D.C.  She loves the lanes.


At last Cap Bike Share is sending out replacement keys.  You might remember that they ran out.  How the heck that happened, someone will need to explain to me.  The first new fobs will go to existing members.   #bikesharefob  #forcryingoutloudplanbetter

After Bixi's terrible financial and software woes, it is trying to lure customers back.  Bixi is offering half price memberships right now.  And remember, it's not like the sale meat in the grocery store that you suspect is already turning gray on the side they don't show you.  Bikeshare fobs don't go bad.  #bixi

What does the change of ownership of Citibike mean, and who are the mystery purchasers?  The annual membership could rise from $95 to $150.  Still a fraction of car ownership.  There was a drop in renewals in 2014, perhaps because some people did not use Citi enough to feel justified in paying the annual fee.  (No decent bike can be purchased for a paltry $150, unless it is a stolen bike.  If it can be ridden and is priced that low, buyer beware.)  If you live in a place with small apartments that cannot accommodate a bike, bikeshare is still a great option.  And what about safety?  There were 9 cyclists killed in NYC last year, but none of those deaths were in areas served by Citibike.  Citi's new ownership by ROQX, the Equinox people, is an encouraging sign to financial predictors.  But they are the same folks who could not foresee the subprime crisis.  #skepticalcyclist  I hope it is a great sign for Citibike, crunchy numbers or not.  #bikeshare

Why is Chicago's Divvy lagging behind Citibike?  Is it that Citibike is motivated to prove the haters like Dorothy Rabinowitz wrong?  Or could it be something as obvious as the fact that NYC has three times the population of Chicago?  #needadivineanalysis  #divvy

Boris bikes in London will be offered free of charge to riders willing to take certain rides in August. #Borisbikes

What other locations are slated for bike share or have recently launched programs?  Well, Amherst, Northampton and Holyoke are on the map.  Molina Healthcare is sponsoring a new program in Long Beach.  Aspen's program is already functional and has been since they introduced We Share last summer.  Ann Arbor, a very cold place . . . (pause) . . . is ready too.  Their program will launch in the fall.  Well, I 'll be a polar vortex.  #bikeshare  #awesome


Bicycle Space DC holds tons of weekly riding events, including a city ride on Sunday's at 11:30 a.m. #bicyclespacedc  #justshowupandstopwhining

Join WABA's women's coffee club on August 6  (or any other week you choose) at The Coffee Bar in D.C.  There's a Facebook group if you would care to join.

Meet the Potomac Pedalers in the 3900 block of Yuma Street, NW, on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., ride around, and have pizza, salad and beer.  Just not too much of any of those.  That way you won't make us all look like sops and gluttons to those who generalize.  #potomacpedalers  #don'tbeacyclinglush

Or show up at Dupont Circle on August 13, at 7:30 p.m. for a ride with DC Bike Party, followed by New Belgium beer.  Because what's a party without beer?  (Rhetorical.)  #bicyclesandbeerequalsparty

Policy and Advocacy:

Bridges hold the key to safe cycling in many cities, especially in London.  Making sure cyclists can safely cross is key to getting more people on top of bikes.  If the bike lanes end at the bridge to your home, you may not be inclined to commute by bike.  Full stop.  The ninth cyclist to die this year in London was clipped on a bridge.

Theft and Safety:

The Detroit Bike Blacklist was founded by a guy who mistakenly purchased a stolen bike and was approached at a coffee shop by the original owner.  Find them on Facebook.  You can use it to make sure that bargain bike you want to get from the guy named John Smith on Craigslist isn't someone else's.  #detroitblacklist  #forChrist'ssakenooneisreallynamedjohnsmithanymore

Contrast our vehicular hostility with the patience displayed by Danish drivers in this video.  #youaremeanerinacarthanyouwouldbeinperson

No, you cannot make it up.  A mattress flew off the top of a zipcar striking a cyclist.  The cyclist has now sued the "deep pocket" Zipcar, but not the renter of said car who failed to tie the mattress down.

The Times of Oman has raised concerns about the harm inflicted by a reckless driver on a cyclist.  Hmm.  And it's a petro-state.  With very hot summers.  Very hot.  #omancycling  #whowouldhavethunkit?


Oregon Manifest holds a bike design contest each year to give an award for a well-designed bike that might entice people out of their cars.  Blackline by the design firm Minimal won the award.  #blacklinebicycles

Merge from NYC was also in the running, with lights integrated into the frame, a waterproof smartphone holder, and chic bags from Brooklyn design company MER.  #Mergebicycles

And an electric bike that will take your breath away won in its own category.  #electricbicycles

The Teague Denny e-bike has a built-in lock, smart storage and auto gearing. #teaguedenny

By 2019 the global bike industry is expected to reach $65 billion, with electric bikes remaining strong due to demand in China and increasing demand in the U.S. and E.U.  #ebikeindustry

Bike sales are down, but prices are up, and electric bikes have increased about $3 million since last year.  #electricbikeproduction

It might be a little studied, or perhaps too Mad Max for you, but here is a retro electric bike that can go 65 mph.

Ridescout is a new app that will help you find the fastest and closest transit route, whether it is bikeshare, rail or bus.  #ridescout

Taking care of your stuff is important too.  If you want to learn basic bicycle maintenance, you can show up at the REI August 6, 2014 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  #bicyclemaintenance

Want to see the fun Indy film by Hassan Yee, Bicycle Bride?  It's now on Amazon.  #bicyclebride


There have been seven reports of people attacked on jogging or bike paths around the U.S. this week.  At least one of the attackers was a cyclist.  If you are taking a vacation and want to ride, consider finding a local riding group and meeting them in your destination city.  There is safety in numbers, and you will meet other cyclists.  Here are a few of those reports.  Obviously, if you know something about the guy in the composite below, who is suspected of an attack in Carmel, NY, you should call the police there.

Here is nice map of bike routes in DC.  If you want to sightsee or commute in D.C., it is a nice reference tool.  #bikewashington

REI in Fairfax is holding a clinic on long-distance riding in Fairfax on August 5 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  This could help you get ready for that ride across the Alps you promised yourself you would do before your 40th birthday.

Random notes:

This video takes you on a journey of all the neat things for cyclists in Copenhagen, including bike bridges, bike LED wave lights and more.  Or you could call it cycling porn . . . of sorts.  Just don't tell your spouse.  It could create an atmosphere of mistrust.  #copenhagencycling

A sweet little video of enjoying the city by bicycle.

Once I espied a guy riding a unicycle in Old Town Alexandria.  He had amazing core strength even though he struck me ever so slightly as an athletic eccentric.  Seeing him, I could imagine the Beach Body series of DVDs, The Core Unicycle Workout, with Shaun-T.  But here is young Katrine Jensen, who won the international unicycle freestyle competition in Montreal.  I am not sure where unicycling will take her in life, but she has had a very good ride so far.  #unicycle

And cheers to Kathy Rogers who just rode across the United States on an electric bike with several good colleagues.  She arrived in Washington, D.C. on August 2, amid road closures and humidity.

So, if I see you in the bike lanes, let's be terribly smug.
Elisa P.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bicycle Transportation Revolution Underway

Nudnik of the week:

My father warned me that there are always more slow-witted people than smart people, and that you have to avoid the slow ones when you can.  I have tried to forgive those to whom less was given in the brains department, but Jackie Burke, a Los Angeles driver who wants to run cyclists off the road was a new nadir.  It would be impossible to avoid engaging with her since she has dehumanized cyclists to such an extent that it defies reason.  Unlike the lovable loser Nudnik, Jackie is just anti-social.  Below is a partial transcript of her statements to NPR on Morning Edition this week.  The story was about columns of cyclists who ride together for safety.

JACKIE BURKE: It's like they enjoy taking up the lanes.
SCHMIDT: Jackie Burke has lived in LA her whole life, and bicyclists slowing her down drive her crazy.
BURKE: It's very frustrating to the point where I want to just run them off the road. And I've actually kind of done one of those drive-really-close-to-them kind of things just to scare them to try to intimidate them to kind of get out of my way.

Ever wonder who lived in your old house a hundred years ago and what happened between the walls?  Ever wonder what path a Citibike took in a given day?  The Guardian UK decided to try to find out and plotted it on a map.


Want to see a progressive graphic of 32 years of bike lane growth in Washington?  Here is it thanks to GGW.

In Ireland, planners are asking themselves why the Dutch got bike lanes so right, and the Irish got it so wrong.  There's nothing wrong with learning from your mistakes or taking tips from experts.

The development of new Central Parkway bike lanes in Cincinnati was given the Fox News spin this week.  The headline emphasized the inevitable fact that the construction would cause a loss of parking, like it was a loss of fortune, or a loss of health, or a massive, inexplicable loss of hair.   Hmmmm.  by contrast, the city itself published terrific graphics of the rules to educate motorists.  Good planning.


As Metro's Silver Line opens it is sure to become a great choice for multi-model commuters who want to bike at least part of the way to work.  Best of all, they have a cool new bike storage room which will likely be filled to capacity by the end of the fall.  This great facility was previewed by Fairfax County this week.  Maybe the western suburbs can go sustainable too.  And you thought it was strip malls and big box stores out there!  (Well, it still kind of is, but as Dylan said, "The times, they are a'changin'."  Even in Reston.)

Meanwhile, for the die-hard sartorialist, urbanist, and small house lover, it turns out that we don't ride Metro much at all.  Instead we bike, notes GGW this week.  By contrast, bike share in Minneapolis has raised the use and appeal of mass transit there.  (Let's face it, in a polar vortex, even we sometimes need a transit system.

Policy and Advocacy:

In the U.K., the number of car trips and distances traveled by car have fallen to the lowest in 20 years?  Could this be a sign of what will follow in the U.S.?  Or is it just a reaction to Europe's fuel prices?  If it is a prediction of what will happen in the colonies, perhaps cycling will grow at an even fat rate than it currently is.

Time Magazine carries a piece this week on the death of the suburbs, and some former builders of 'burbs who are glad to see them go.  When you consider how many are closed off to transit and safe cycling options, you won't cry at the funeral.

A history of cycling as told through books is featured in a blog (and collection) by the Library of Congress this week.

The Danish Consul in Georgia - as in the state, not the country - is acting as the local Ambassador to promote cycling there.


I care not a whit about bicycle racing, presuming that most riders these days are juicing, or oxygenating or some other thing that seems like a bad science experiment.  But I was bemused by the story about the attention generated by German cyclists Mercel Kittel's hair.  Having looked at said hair, which evoked images of the athletes on the British Olympic teams fielded right before the Second World War (irony, he's German), I have to say it absolutely rocks.  I would not recommend it for anyone with a fleshy face, but for Marcel it is indeed, "a thing."

Delightful WashCycle reminds us of the charming film, "Girl on a Bicycle," and includes a link to the film's trailer.


Want a full-sized bike that can be easily assembled, but which fits in a backpack?  FastCompany reviews one for you.  (Yup, it's the second time I mentioned this wonder from Lucid Design of India.)

Would you like a lock fitted with a GPS?  Here's a nice review by London Cyclist of some of the latest fare - much of which has or is seeking crowd-funding.

Care for a cargo bike than can function like a van in the city?  Check out the many uses for Christiana bikes, including as a dining table and delivery truck when either moment strikes.

London nows has a 24-hour bike tube vending machine.  This is a very good idea that should be replicated in Washington.

Random notes:

Alec Baldwin was cleared of charges after he was arrested for riding his bike the wrong way in New York.  Baldwin flunked the attitude test when he got surly with a member of New York's finest.  The judge scolded him and told him to be nice.  Baldwin replied, "Are you kidding?  I'm an actor."  (Last sentence is not true, of course.)

Nice guys of the week have to be the folks at the Glasgow bike shop who gave riders from Malawi better bikes.”-response-its-helping-malawi-cyclists

So, if I see you in the bike lanes, and you are not named Jackie Burke, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bicycles Made in Washington and Traffic News Turns to Cycling News

Local explosive bombshell of the week:

Erik Kugler, co-founder of Bicycle Space, is now making bikes in Washington, D.C.  Really making them.  Not taking the frames made elsewhere and adding some jazzy features.  Wow.  Pause.  Picture the factory filled with local bike artisans and mechanics.  And some people say nothing gets done in Washington.  Well, now it does.   #custombicycles #buycourtlandmiloyakuglerbike


Cyclists, sometimes your need to give your spouses a good reason for your long rides. Otherwise, those half days away can cause resentment.  Here are some really good excuses for your ride and ways to include your bike widow or widower.

Chances are pretty good that you know someone with an autistic child.  Bike to the Beach is an autism benefit ride that will take place on August 1, 2014.  Ride from Washington, D.C. to Dewey Beach because you love to ride and it is a wonderful thing to do.  #bicycleridesinwashingtondc

Join the Tour de Frederick (Maryland, that is) on August 15, 2014.  Have the long-suffering wife meet you there for a nice dinner.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer is about to close registration for their September 13, 2014 event in Maryland.  "But Honey, it's a cancer benefit."

The Potomac Pedalers is holding a 115 mile ride that takes you through Amish country and to the Allenberry Report on August 15, 2014.  I like long rides that end with decent wine, a shower and access to a blow dryer.  Consider taking your partner.

Traffic and Weather to Bikes and Bikes:

Washington's local traffic radio station, WTOP, began broadcasting stories about cycling over recent weeks.  This is remarkable because WTOP is known for traffic and weather every 10 minutes, sports coverage, and an imaginary "glass-enclosed nerve center."  Correspondents in the FATA, not so much.  This sudden coverage of cycling suggests the tectonic plates are shifting pretty dramatically.  Here's a sample of WTOP's coverage in a single month:
Hagerstown bike shop closing after decades.  (Who the heck knew Hagerstown even had a bike shop?)
Kidical mass movement gains momentum.
Ten year old cyclist struck by a driver.
And shockingly hipster-ish: Capital Bikeshare is more expensive than the fine for pot possession.
T-shirt created for a bicycle ride to honor Nelson Mandela has offensive typographical error.
People in NYC have been placed in chokeholds for offenses as minor as riding a bike on the sidewalk.
And in response to that dreadful Post column, a little bicycle etiquette.
Not to mention a helpful guide to cycling in DC.
Well our little radio station might have traded in the Dodge Dart with the push button transmission for a Tesla fixed-gear e-bike with a nice seat.


Spoiler alert!  People are still parking in bike lanes in Washington, D.C.

Bike share:

Capital Bikeshare has expanded its docks in a lot of locations and is seeking crowd sourcing suggestions for other locations.  They cannot place a dock on the lawn of the White House or the floor of the Senate yet.

There's a new Capital Bikeshare dock in Georgetown at 34th and Water Streets, NW.  Great access to the movie theaters, and you don't have to ride up that steep hill to get to shopping and restaurants.

But Capital Bikeshare's wider expansion is less likely this year since Alta and Bixi are in a corporate state of flux.  Bixi is in the hands of a sofa magnate named Bruno.  Alta is in the hands of D.C.'s former transit guy, Scott Kubly.

Arlington Now reports that Arlington's board has voted to allow a boring office building in Crystal City to be converted into micro apartments.  A key feature of the building's conversion to less than 400 square ft. units will be large common spaces, loads of bike share docks, and walkability to Metro.

The University of Virginia is rolling out a bike share program.  Jefferson is smiling somewhere right now.

Austin's B-cycle saw its use double in the last six months.  This may rival Citibike's and is all good news for an oil producing state.

Bike share for Jacksonville, Florida is on its way at last.

Bike shares' problem of missing bikes will always be there as commuter follow the same directional travel.  Is there an algorithm that can solve the problem?


Want a Google glass version of Spotcycle?  Now you can have it.  Or I should say, "There's a glass for that."

Martha's Vineyard may ban e-bikes from the island.  Several people who vacation there could probably use an e-bike, but the local politicians think e-bikes pose a safety hazard.  Heck, cotton balls pose a safety hazard if you do not handle them properly.

If you live in the U.K., Cyclotricity sells an e-bike add-on for less than 700 pounds sterling.

Interbike, the bike manufacturers convention in Las Vegas in September, will feature new technologies in e-bikes.

A town in the U.K. is planning E-bikes for beat cops.  As long as it helps officers get into tight areas, and keep off the donut pounds, I am in favor of it.

Citibike's mobile app in NYC may undercount the number of bikes.  It's annoying to have an app tell you there are four bikes in a dock that was picked clean hours earlier.  This developer needs a patch and a fix pronto.

Here's a sweet profile of woman who rides her e-bike around a California seaside town.

Mountain Bike Magazine's editor quit over the magazine's increasing coverage of electric mountain bikes.  He was a purist, I suppose.  Now he is an unemployed purist.

Advocacy and policy:

Bicyclists believe that cycling improves life for everyone.  Apparently we are right, according this piece in the Huffington Post.

MPs in the UK seek 600 million pounds for cycling infrastructure.  Keep an eye on this trend.  It may be a sign of what will follow in the colonies.

Cities and businesses are collaborating to deal with climate change.  Hmmmm.  I am racking my brain trying to figure out what could help them along.  Oh, I know.  How about expanded cycling?

These businesses are smart because studies show investing in cycling pays off, globally, says the European Cycling Federation.

Policy makers need to address the fact that poor people spend more time commuting than wealthy people.  Lower income people also want to attain car ownership more than people in higher income brackets.  Worse, cycling is not popular among the urban poor despite the fact it makes greater financial sense than car ownership.

U.S. cities trying to attract young people are now seeking bike lanes, not more bars carrying cheap draft beer and H&M stores.

The new bike czar in Dallas looks a lot like a perfectly normal, very nice woman.  Should she watch her back in a state where oil is king and the pick-up truck is ubiquitous?  (A state where one of those drivers clipped a cyclist seemingly on purpose this week.  But I shall not generalize, for it is the province of a weak mind.)

What can other cities can learn about cycling infrastructure from Indianapolis?  A lot.  The mayor there ignored partisan politics and created a sustainable city by adding bike lanes, bike share, and more.

This wonderful video from Canada encourages drivers to see cyclists as people: loving fathers, devoted mothers, and strong brothers.  Those Canadians are so good at sending messages without antagonizing people.  How annoying.  I feel antagonized.

People living near bicycle paths get 45 more minutes of exercise a week.  What is the impact of an extra 45 minutes on prevention of heart disease and type-2 diabetes?


Want to take a fun ride around Montevideo, Uruguay?  Here's a short video of the cycling features of that city.  They include the cycle tracks, bike share, clear bike/car parking instructions and a view of signs showing where bikes have "prioridad."

An old railway station was converted to a bike hotel in Drammer, Norway.  It would be nice to see more bike-centric hotels stateside.  Perhaps Paris Hilton can take her considerable talents and build a new short-stay empire in this sustainable direction.  Right now she is probably seeking a way to remain relevant.

Random notes:

What role did Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein - as in the guy who broke Watergate - play in getting new bike laws in Washington?  Well, he helped the other Carl, whose job it was to write such laws.  The Post's Jack Kelly writes:

I can’t help but ponder the karmic coincidences. Richard Nixon appoints John Volpe to be secretary of transportation. Volpe lets it be known that he wants Washington to be a more bikeable city. Carl Bernstein gets a ticket for running a red light on his bike. Carl Bernstein sticks it to Richard Nixon.

Are you a woman looking for a book to tell you how to take care of your nether regions when you ride a bike?  You know you are.  I thought it only fair I told you about this book to protect your "down there-ness."  Of course I learned this from an Ellie Blue tweet.  Where else?  (Don't answer that.  It was rhetorical for crying out loud.)

Apparently the New York Daily News did not understand the humor behind @bicyclelobby, a comedic bike Tweeter that is never serious.  Wow.  Somebody at the Daily News should be embarrassed.

A driver ended up on the W&OD Trail after making a wrong turn.  This is a reminder that you must always keep your idiot radar functioning properly.

It is smart to travel with others on bike paths in the woods.  Seriously.  A woman was attacked last week while jogging on a path in Fairfax.  The assailant was a man on a bicycle.  If you are a woman, take off your ear buds, find a riding partner, and learn self-defense.  Momentum cannot always be your best defense.

Florida is cracking down on hit and run drivers.

While in the U.K. fewer than half of the drivers who kill cyclists are ever punished.

In California, a reserve police officer was disciplined for posting an "I hate cyclists" video.  The secondary basis for the disciplinary action was the discovery of her low I.Q.”

In a world of cycling dangers, one cyclist avoided death twice aboard Maylasian Airlines flights

Here's a nice video about a pizza delivery man who has been bringing you warm pies from his bike for 30 years.

New Yorkers are turning to cargo bikes, especially long tails.

So, if I see you in the bike lane and you are atop a Kugler Bike, let's be smug.
Elisa P.