Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sidewalk Woes and Bikelash Responses

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Are you a lover of Lonely Planet guides, or magazines featuring a ranking of cheap eats?  Have you been called frugal?  A chiseler?  There is nothing wrong with that, and it might even be a sensible way to live and see the world if you want to save money.  And now Citibike is being promoted as a chic way to see New York City.

So Seattle is rolling out its share system using Alta bikes.  Anyone else see an issue with this particular procurement?  Hmm.  In any event, bike share is better than no bike share any day.


If you have not weighed in on where you want the next Capital Bikeshare dock to be located, join the crowd[sourcing] and make your preference known. #capital bikeshare

Policy and Advocacy:

What the heck should you do about bikelash?  You know, that subtle insidious way that some people have of trying to undermine the pro-bike movement?  Like when news stories about a cyclist killed by a car driver mention that the cyclist not wearing a helmet, even if the car jumped the curb, the death-causing injuries were to the abdomen not the head, and the driver was texting.  Here's a nice 5 minute film with some suggestions on how to react to bikelash.  #bikelash

Mayor Boris Johnson is being encouraged to pursue the cycling super highway he envisions for Mother London.  And yet, there are always detractors.  Always.  Johnson reminds everyone that some of the largest businesses in London favor his plan, which would reduce traffic in the city (and probably pollution, which is the worst it has been since the days of coal heat).  He may have whacky hair, but this guy is a visionary.

Fastcompany reports on a school that has bikes instead of normal desks for kids.  The results are good for learning.  My guess is the results are good news in the fight against childhood obesity too.

If you are a police officer in a marked car, wearing a name tag and badge with a visible number, it might not be a good idea to run a cyclist off the road and then chastise him for cycling.  Things have a way of making it into the blogosphere as they did here.

A nice letter in the New York Daily News from a cyclist who has grown tired of being criticized for riding her bike by a certain senator.  I assume the best of cyclists and the worst of politicians.  Hands down, the cyclist wins.

Elsewhere, in Sacramento, a pedestrian may sue the city to prevent cyclists from using the sidewalk.  Or she may just sue the cyclist who hit her while she was walking on the sidewalk.  A law in Sacramento allows cyclists to ride on the sidewalk in residential areas.  Hmmmm.  I thought the suburban childhood experience was defined in part by riding on the sidewalk, popping a wheely and hitting that tree with your hands as you spin into your own garage.  Am I missing something?

Philadelphia has opened a bike path over the river, sometimes called an erstwhile boardwalk.  Watch out for those fish hooks friends. #bikepath


The Guardian suggests 5 new bikes for fall, rather like a waiter suggesting that pumpkin bisque as a seasonal dish.  I am a little skeptical that anyone will ride to work on the Raleigh Chopper.  There's something about a banana seat and flame stickers that makes me think "nut job."  But I'd rather see you on any bike than in a car. #raleigh

Levis created a bike commuter line for men a couple of years ago and the clothes were great for the urban commuter below a certain body weight.  Now they are planning to launch a women's line of bike commuter clothes.  Levi Strauss was one of the only men to leave the gold rush with any money after he designed the first riveted blue jeans.  His forward thinking must have lingered in the corporate DNA.  Levis joins Northern California companies that have entered the bike accessories market, including Timbuk2, maker of messenger bags.  These pants are great alternatives to some of the spandex I have been forced to witness.

So, if I see you in the bike lanes, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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