Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hitman on Bikes, Priests Hitting Men on Bikes, and Optimism In Spite.

If cycling approaches a religion, I vote to excommunicate Christodoulos Xiros, a former hit man who was arrested last week while he was riding his #bicycle.  Xiros was riding while armed with gun when he was spotted by police.  Xiros had managed to escape from custody and had drastically altered his appearance.  Xiros, a natural brunette, had a dye job that lacked credibility and could not withstand close scrutiny.  My guess is he did not wear a helmet, which is not an offense. (Being a hit man is an offense, in point of clarification.)  The police could see right to his roots, criminal and otherwise.  You get the incognito you pay for.

Speaking of religion and #cycling, the Baltimore Sun reports the driver of the car that killed cyclist Thomas Palermo was in fact an Episcopal bishop who had a liquor bottle and some marijuana in her car.  Her decision to drive drunk was less than godly, as was her decision to initially flee the scene.  Palermo was a dad.  You can help his kids by sending money to Molly Investment Group which has their trust.  Police collared the driver wearing the collar.  She apparently expressed remorse.  Well, I guess so.  Pretty permanent.  Pretty damning.

Bono's bike injuries are worse than reported.  He may never play the guitar again.  Long thoughtful pause.  Head forward.  Awful. #Bono

Looking for that summary of the good news in #bikelanes from 2014?  Well, Grist has it right here for you.  And so does Next City.  And just look at the Streetsie awards.  Janette Sadik-Khan, and her team, and the current administration of Citibikes all were reported in Streetsblog NYC, and just about every other publication for those interested in #cycling and #sustainableliving.  Read, enjoy, smile.  Use in arguments with nay-sayers.

Remember those bicycle supply vending machines that sprouted up in Holland and Denmark?  Now there is one in Colorado Springs.  Too far away.  We need about 20 of them around Washington, DC.  Hey purveyors of vending machines!  Chop-chop!  We're waiting.  You've been foisting sugary drinks and sodium-laden snacks on us for years.  Here's your moment to make it all right. Please set machines up in close proximity to the Metropolitan Branch, Capital Crescent, and Mount Vernon trails to start.

So if I see you in the bike lane, and you are not a hit man, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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