Monday, February 16, 2015

Could Presidents and Afghan Women One Day Ride in Subway Tunnels?

If the presidency is all about politics, and politics is about the economy, I celebrate #PresidentsDay and the expansion of the #cyclingeconomy in the U.S. and Europe.  #RepublicBike, the company that designs bikes for businesses, like the custom fleet for Google, is still growing.  The cycling industry advocacy "Club" in Europe is benefitting from urban connectivity.  In a week of grim reports of violence, this is great news for decent people on at least two continents, which is better than just one.
Reminds of the wonderful book #EllyBlue wrote over a year ago.  #bikonomics  In the parlance of our time, it's all good.

Thinking about freezing as you ride?  Deterred by a few feet of snow?  What if abandoned subway tunnels could be used as #bikelanes?  Sounds great, with adequate lighting and security.  A little creepy without.  #subwaytunnelbikelane

In Belfast they have decided that training the public on how to use bike share might get more people cycling.  Brilliant.

If you cannot get out the elements by going subterranean, should you cycle when you have a runny nose, fever, and a case of the adult whinies?  As with all things, the answer is "in moderation."

Like the whole #cyclingculture thing and want to see which businesses and people support cycling so that you can pick where you offer your support and money?  The Washington Area Bicyclist's Choice Awards are February 20.  You can celebrate the people and places that make cycling special and fun in the city.

Elsewhere in the world, and in improbable circumstances, Afghan women cyclists keep riding and keep getting shout-outs from the media.  #afghanwomencyclists

If I see you in the bike lane, even if you are sick, and even if you are the President, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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