Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cycling News of Week: Is cycling the transit of dishwashers and the wealthy? Apparently yes.

How should you overtake a cyclist without backing up traffic or endangering yourself or the rider?  In the UK, Chris Boardman was thrilled with the positive response to a clip explaining how to safely overtake a cyclist.  Answer:  Give the cyclist the same amount of passing space that you would a motor vehicle.  Maybe we could try a similar public service announcement here in the US?  Hello?   Anyone listening?  And can we do it in metric for no other reason than a bit of cache?

Zappa,  RIP

Even producers of musical theater are trying to capitalize on the cycling revolution.  Are these musicals really about the struggles of cycling, or how cycling is a metaphor for the larger cultural issues of our time?  Or do they simply throw some on-stage cycling on top of an otherwise weak script?  If you guess the latter, you'd be right.

The e-bike industry continues to dazzle in Europe.  Smart move since this summer Europe is gagging on the worst pollution it has ever seen.  Kinda diminishes the "quaint" factor of traveling there.  Makes you think you accidentally de-planed in Beijing.

Image from Dave, a.k.a. Washcycle

The Washcycle reports that Northeast Maryland is getting a new trail on an old rail line.  Always good news.  Add some decent restaurants along the route and you've got an economy.

From The Economist, caption: "My other bike is a Porsche."

Who bikes to work?  The wealthy.  And the struggling.  The fastest growing group of bike commuters are the very upper, middle class.  What does this mean about the sustainability of cycling as a transit means?  What does it mean for designers of which cycling wear?  What does it mean for cycling parking in urban areas.  The times, they are a changin'.  (Dylan might freak out in his earlier version of himself.)  Georgetown's newspaper, a snobby bore of little rag, is even covering bike share.  Holy Thurston Howell/The Donald.  This from the same community that feared the riffraff that might come of adding a Metro train station according to recently re-reported accounts.  Goodness.  This cycling thing might be here to stay.  Get out your Harris Tweed, your Dutch cycle, and ride and be seen.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, whether you are a dishwasher or a dapper venture capitalist, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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