Saturday, October 31, 2015

Selecting a Good Cycling Handyman & Bike Share Invades the Deep South

#Ethicalcyclist If you have a choice between two skilled laborers,  and they are equal in terms of the quality of their work, and one rides his #cargobike to work with his ladder on the back, and the other drives a truck which could easily hold several dead bodies, and you are not related to the second non-bike one through marriage, which one would you choose?  Presenting our handyman, Jim.  This is not why we chose him, but it is a serious benefit.  Jim Zinn Fix-it Guy.

Birmingham, Alabama columnist, #CodyOwens is hilarious and insightful as an anti-hipster, who knew the world was ending when Piggly-Wiggly starting carrying Quinoa.  He was a #bikeshare skeptic who noticed that, like kale on wheels, white people can't get enough of bike share.  However, find out whether he was converted to the pro-bike share side in this delightful piece that should launch his journalistic career in other markets - if he is willing to go places more infested with cycling hipsters than Birmingham.
I think Owens may have a point about how bike share may be excluding certain groups.  Take a look at the CityLab piece that more soberly discusses this point.

If you live in the outer suburbs of Washington, DC, there may be some good news for you.  Bike share is expanding to Fairfax and Reston, previous bike deserts.  Drink of the joy my suburban friends, trapped as you are by strip malls and residential developments that look like well-ordered Legos from the air.  Enjoy.

This video shows the flow of Capital Bike Share in animation.  And it reminds me of a great nebula.  It is also a powerful message about how, if you build it, they will come.

And some more bike share notes:
Want more bike lanes in Arlington?  The transit authorities there want to hear from you.
Seattle failed to score a converted TIGER grant to expand its bike share.  Other municipalities should figure out what went wrong here and learn.

Want a folding electric bike that is intended to be cooler than a hover board?  There is yet another one this week that you can crowd fund if you want.

Nissan's new concept car watches out for cyclists and pedestrians.  Seriously?  Oh my!  This might actually be awesome when so much about cars is not.

I hope I am also still cycling at 90.  Let's form a social networking pact to strive for this as a connected group.  This former octogenarian is inspirational and beautiful. Read Bicycling Magazine's nice piece to get more info on this elegant woman.  It is a delight. Give these great folks at Bicycling Mag some clicks.  Subscribe if you can.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, and you are 90, or older or younger, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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