Sunday, November 29, 2015

Designer Bike Share Grocery Totes and Quaxing in the City

The urban dilemma of how to carry it all on your bike rears its head this time of year.  In the holiday season some of us cook for friends and family in a constant, rolling effort.  How can you carry groceries and gifts on a bike share bike?  You can buy a new designer tote for the front holder of bike shares rides.  These totes a cool and expensive - gratuitously so.  Or, you can use a large backpack and stuff it full of non smash-able groceries. That means that you cannot stuff the bananas at the bottom of your bag, or push the lettuce down and sit on it, like you are packing a truck for months long trip aboard a steamer.  Solutions require some planning, but it is not like planning to cross the Sierras in a covered wagon with your kin.

Youtube has several videos to help you see exactly what the right quax kit would look like for your needs.  (In case you find yourself too busy to conjure your otherwise great imagination.)

Small, medium and large loads require different equipment and planning.  These two posts from Bike Arlington and Bike East Bay describe what you should consider if you are carrying a single baguette or a couple of banquet tables.

The last and most obvious solution:
Buy less (the thought seems un-American) and shop more often.  Simplicity can be glorious.

If you decide to bring your Christmas Tree home on a bicycle, post it!

So, if I see you in the bike lane hauling a refrigerator or a deck of cards, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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