Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ride With Bono
The former star of #CoronationStreet, Britain's ITV series that his been running since the Pleistocene era, decided to "borrow" a $3000 #bicycle to chase after a comedian. Hahahhahahh.  Then he wrecked it and the production company has never paid for the loss.  Thud.  There are some things one can never do.  Destroying someone's bike is among them.  Lesson: Never offer your bike to celebrity, and when around one, lock your bike.£2000-bike-he-chased-after-johnny

If you are a clever inventor who can design a new helmet for e-bike riders, now is the time to submit your design idea to the NEN Dutch Standardization Institute.  They have set parameters: no full-face helmets, and it must be comfortable.  It should also be extremely attractive and not damage great blow-dries.  (Okay, some of these may not have been on the list.)
Do you have a device that tells you when to stand up at your desk and how much you have exercised?  I hate mine.  It's like a device with an agenda.  A bad example of what the world will be like when the machines are in charge.  It never knows that I work at a stand-up desk and frequently tells me to stand up.  I sometimes sit down when it does this just to be passive-aggressive.  It never realizes that I have ridden my bike to work.  Most days I ride to work after I have gone to the gym.  Yet, it seems to think I'm one of those people who sits in a car, then at a desk, then in a car, and then in front of the television before going to sleep.  My dopey device is like a bad government survey of the sort being abandoned in the U.K.  It does not count my constant activity.  At last cycling will be considered as part of the active life data.  Ah logic.  Sometimes it simply rears its head.  Next we need smart watches that are . . . actually smart.  Or ones that can at least tell when you are standing or prone.

Bono is back in the saddle, thank goodness.  We all remember that terrible bike crash he had.  Now he is inviting you to ride with him in Central Park to support his #red campaign.  Three reasons to do this: (1) Bono, come on, seriously; (2) Central Park on a bike, majestic, and; (3) help people in Africa where they really need it.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, and you are wearing a fetching, yet safe, helmet with your e-bike, or you happen to be tooling along with the likes of Bono, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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