Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mayor Vetoes Bicycle Yield Law, Cargo Festival Calls for Contributors, and Irish Healthcare Workers Told to Saddle Up.

That cleverly-conceived law that would have allowed cyclists to yield at traffic lights (if there are no cars or pedestrians around and it is otherwise safe) was vetoed.  Why anyone would veto such a rational law is beyond me.  A female cyclist who must cross through the industrial portion of town on her way home from work can be ticketed if she yields at a light when there is no cross traffic, and only people with outstanding arrest warrants for a blunt force trauma murders.  This veto strikes me as absurd.   Perhaps we should change the right turn on red laws for all motorists.  (And a riot was heard to be forming.)
San Francisco is an outwardly progressive city secretly controlled by established old money.  Perhaps plate tectonics has allowed some kind of toxic vapor to leach into the mayor's office.  #bikeyieldlaw  Please post your conspiracy theory here.
Millennials are still driving less than other people.  And they are saving money instead of engaging in profligate spending.  Are they the smartest generation yet?  They appear to be centered enough to avoid the seduction of lower gas prices.   Tens of thousands of less sturdy people have rushed to buy SUVs, forgetting that history repeats itself.  Millennials.  Gotta love 'em.  And they bike like crazy.

In Belfast, healthcare workers are being urged to ride bicycles, for a number of reasons.  Can you name just ten of them?

There was a terrible bike share system once in Oregon, now a cycling Mecca.  What made it fail?  Besides an irrational belief that people won't vandalize and steal free bikes without locks.

The Cargo Bike Festival is in the planning stage.  Want to contribute?

If you don't already love @Brooklynspoke then I have to think something is wrong with you.  Assuming you do love him, then you will also love this story about his guerrilla construction cone appropriations in furtherance of cyclists' safety.  He won't wait 10 years for Vision Zero's results to finally show.
Ah, the desire to get things accomplished as apposed to creating endless process and forming committees.  It's so refreshing.  It's so not Washington.  

Can't get enough of cycling?  Want to patronize bicycle-themed restaurants in cities that may seem unlikely to have such things?  Then here's your guide.

So if I see you in the bike lane, yielding at a light, and you are in your Bakfiet, or just wearing your scrubs, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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