Sunday, March 15, 2015

Drivers Rant, Children Warned, and Insanity Ensues.

Is #peer-to-peer bike sharing the wave of the future?  We all probably have list serves where we can borrow a cooler, or a lawn mower, or an electric mixer.  But what if the same thing happened with bikes?  Could a sharing system based on only trust ever replace bike share as we know it?  If #bikeshare fails, peer-to-peer may become the only way.

It is never a good idea to pop a wheely on your bike and crash it down on a bike being ridden by two other people.  On this point, I think we can all agree, whether Democrat or Republican or Whig or Tory or Zoroastrian.

That said, it still amazes me when when drivers get irate at cyclists and decide to go berserk, as occurred in San Francisco not long ago.  A #cyclist was cut off by a driver who saw a parking spot and turned into it without regard for the cyclist.  Predictably, the cyclist crashed into the car.  The driver had a small vocabulary and poor conflict and stress management skills, which were on full display during his rant and attack on the cyclist.  The video reminds one how important shame is to societal relations.  The image of the driver also hints that #phrenology, that long discredited view that criminal behavior can be predicted by the shape of one's head, might indeed have been an exact science.  There is something about the driver's head . . .

Are we on a clear path to devolution when police officers caution a four-year-old girl for riding her bike not the sidewalk?  Is humanity doomed to succumb to its own witlessness?  I fear cyclists must wrest society from the grip of insanity.

So if I see you in the bike lane, even if you are just four years of age, but not if you have a certain squash-shaped head, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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