Sunday, March 29, 2015

Speed Dating for Cyclists, and Wicked Bike Thieves.

Looking for someone who shares your values so you can have lifetime together?  Of course you are if you are single.  And you think that means similar views of family, money, religion, and intimacy.  But what about your view of cycling? If you prefer to ride and think those motoring around in cars suffer from a lack of imagination, maybe you need a way to meet someone who feels the same way you do about transit.  In London, speed dating for cyclists is a thing.  #speeddatingforcyclists

What's the best way to get more people to use bike share?  Drop the price?  Add softer seats?  Nope.  Instead, just decrease the distance between docks by 10% claims some MBAs.  For once numbers crunchers may have contributed to a plan I can support without skepticism.  Well, I remain a little skeptical.  #bikeshare

Can you imagine a person so rotten that he would throw a five year old off of a bike and then steal it?  Makes the Grinch Who Stole Christmas look charitable.  If you know who this man is in the video in the link below, notify the authorities.  If you don't say something, a pox will befall you.  Or the karma cops will exact their revenge.  Either way I think you are looking at disfigurement or open sores.  Do the right thing.

Here's a quiz for you.  Which of the following people worked as #bikemessengers?  Liev Schreiber, Jennifer Aniston, Henry Miller, yes, that Henry Miller, or Joey Ramone?  Did you guess all of them?  Henry Miller may have conceived of the Tropic of Cancer atop two wheels.  Just imagine how many of life's challenges can get a fresh approach after you have cleared your head on the ride home.  Today, a better casserole recipe, tomorrow, world domination or the cure for cancer.  The sky's the limit when you ride.  Sort of.

Do you remember how E.T. phoned home?  Then he rode in the bicycle basket up higher and higher to get there.  A moment in cinematic history.  Maybe not intended as the intricate metaphor I projected onto that scene.  It was not Strindberg, I admit, but Spielberg.  So what if your stolen bike could phone home to let you know where it was?  Apparently it can.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, whether you are a messenger or a non-carbon-based life form, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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