Sunday, April 5, 2015

Get Ready to be a Real Bike Commuter.

The reality is that living in an apartment with a #bicycle can present challenges.  There are the walls.  Almost always hospital white. While your tires tend to be soot black.  There are the walls, again.  You can lose your security deposit if you place a nail in the wall, or be fined a kidney if you mount a Cycloc.  And what if you have to clean your bike?  You cannot simply point a hose on it in the middle of your living room, unless you are insane, in which case you need no guidance.  So how do you do you live in small spaces with a bike?  Bicycling has these very sensible tips for you.

It can be difficult to get across U.S. cities on a bicycle using bike lanes.  There are loads of #bikelanes to nowhere.  Clusters of lanes that would seem to take you in circles but not to where you need to go.  Bike lanes on a map all look like viruses beneath a microscope: disjointed, disconnected, and poorly planned.  So how do you get anywhere on a bike?  With planning and a little flexibility.

When the bike lane ends, as they mostly do, illogically, inexplicably, wouldn't it be great if you you could simply project one onto the ground in front of you using #Strype on your cell phone?  Think of how much less irritated you would be.  Strype's selling points:
Since Strype honors no government or traffic engineer, you don't have to ask permission. And since no one can see your private bicycle lane, there's no chance of resident outrage or tedious council meetings to relocate lost parking spaces. Just Strype and ride.

Bike to work month is just around the corner.  Which raises a question for some people.  How can I  become a #bikecommuter?  Mmmmmm.  Gear Prudence says you have the basics: a bike and a job.  (This is why I like #GearPrudence.)  Bicycling magazine says you need to stop stereotyping cyclists, forget spandex, carry deodorant, and generally be a little less dear with yourself.

As we look at spring -a great season for cycling, maybe even the best after fall- it's time to roll out the hall of shame to remind us that not everyone is as wonderful as cyclists would like them to be.

First, there is "Dreadful in Seattle."  She crassly told a cyclist who videotaped her parked in the bike lane that she does not give a f*** if she is parked in a bike lane.  I am going to guess that she was not the valedictorian of her charm school.

Second, there is the fashion designer knocked a cyclist off his bike and injured him on purpose.  Like most designers/stylists, her career will be short, after which she will fall out of favor, struggle for relevance,  and end up on a reality show.  Her shameful personality, however, will be permanent.

Then there is #Uber, the web-based taxi service that features standard black sedans instead of the yellow or red taxis that are easy to spot and avoid.  If you thought the problem with Uber was its drive toward world domination, you would be wrong.  The real problem with Uber is that cyclists cannot spot their cars.  Especially not when they are white.  Last week an Uber passenger threw open a rear door hurting a cylist in Arlington, Virginia.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, riding, but not parked, wearing your business suit, and showing off your good attitude, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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