Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bike Share Use Conclusively Linked to Weight Loss, But Bike Share Use on Expressway Conclusively Linked to Foolishness

If you are looking to lose weight, you might want to try the bike share diet.  Keeping your current eating patterns, and adding bike share use, you can drop a few lbs, and have a good time.  Of course, just riding your own bike regularly would have the same effect. 

So it is fitting that this week the City of St. Louis began to add bike lanes.  A smart move that would appear hipster-ish, but may have been calculated to reduce healthcare costs in a city with a 32% rate of obesity.  Brilliant considering obesity is as bad or worse than smoking for your health.  #bikelanes #StLouis

For every good project, there is some fool, or some fools, who decide to sully the image of the project.  The nitwits of week award goes to two people who decided to ride Philly bike share bikes onto the Interstate 676 in the City of Brotherly Love.  It is difficult to understand how this could have happened without a lot of alcohol.  #bikesharephilly

Not everyone grew up on a cul-d-sac with houses bordered by well-manicured lawns.  Many grew up in places where bikes were not the norm.  More programs are reaching out to the potential cyclists and welcoming them into the fold . . . or the lanes . . . or the share.  Whatever.  #learntorideabike

Have you read all the press about how African American people never use bike share? Instead, the tale goes, bike share supporters/users are just a bunch of young, white guys . . .  and, well, and me, she of the pigment challenged set.  Could it be that riders of color prefer their own bikes?  Maybe, maybe not.  This week in Minneapolis, black cyclists gathered on their own bikes to show a different version of reality.  Regular rides and companionship for African-American women can be found right here in Washington with Black Women Bike DC.  #blackwomenbikedc

This piece in the Wall Street Journal made me smile.  I remember training for centuries on a heavy, inexpensive bike alongside guys with expensive featherlight bikes.   Then at the moment of truth, when I borrowed a light weight bike to do the 100 miles, I flew.  Oftentimes I passed well-tanned and muscled people on bikes costing at least $4000 more than mine.  Enjoy this piece about how to use common sense to train for the same inclines braved by juicing Tour riders.  Hint: You don't have to spend $10k on a bike.  #cyclingtraining

What if you happened to spot your stolen bike while you were riding?  This Colorado man did, and he managed to follow the bike at a safe distance and, ultimately, get it back.  How?  He called the police, kept back a ways, and he had his serial number ready for the officer.  Is your serial number(s) in your smart phone right now?  If not, chop-chop, get going!  Do it now.  Thank me later.  #thebicyclefairygodmother

An Afghan refugee who helped fight against the Taliban was hit while riding his bike, maybe by a texter.  He died, just months after finding safety in America.  Would someone please tell me what is so important in a text message that one must look at it while driving?  And the deceased man was an engineer, a can-do members of our species.  Is there some higher penalty for mowing a Muslim guy down during Ramadan?  For killing someone with engineering skills?  #stoptexting

Bike share in Grand Rapids?  Seriously?  Wow.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, and you are on an inexpensive bike, or a bike share, no matter your age or color, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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