Sunday, July 12, 2015

Princesses Carting Nannies in Cargo Bikes

Remember when royals seemed prissy and dear?  They rode in white and pink carriages and wore tiaras?  Would a member of a royal family ride her cargo bike around Copenhagen with her nanny in the front passenger box?  She did.  #royalcycling #momsonbicycles

If you believe the statistics, women don't ride bikes.  I have to admit that we are pretty consistently outnumbered in the bike lanes.  But if you have children, you are more likely to ride as a woman.  Also, if you have access to bike lanes, you are a lot more likely to ride, according to  I saw this first hand after DDOT placed parking stoppers along the bike lanes in Washington, DC.  Suddenly, one day later, the lanes were filled with women.  Coincidence?  No chance.  We don't want to perish while commuting.  If we did, our kids would suffer terribly.  Thanks #DDOT.

The National Cycling Network has saved the UK almost $2 million a day.  As I have said before, the savings are drawn from reduced healthcare costs mostly.  I heard sitting is the new smoking.  And driving is the new drinking arsenic.  Okay, I might not have heard it put quite that way.  I am hoping to attain something akin to immortality by working at a standing desk and riding my bike everywhere I possibly can.  Care to join me?  Together we can save millions.£1million-day-saved-cycling-and-walking-routes

Boris bike use doubled during the Tube strike this past week.  Let's hope many of those emergency users hang around for a while and help continue to drive those UK healthcare costs down through fitness and well-being.

UPS is testing electrically assisted cargo bike for deliveries.  Whoot-whoot.  Better than those behemoth brown trucks that clog city streets.  And for smaller packages, most of what UPS delivers, it seems to make perfect sense.  #UPS #cargobike

Caltrain is looking at ways to get more bikes on trains.  Unfortunately, one way is to remove restrooms.  Given the appalling state of some of the restrooms I have seen on trains, removing them sounds like a step toward improved hygiene.  But I can see where this may concern passengers who fear bikes will come to displace them. The momentum toward bike trains is so strong at this point, it seems inevitable people will soon be sharing fewer potties.  #caltrain #biketrains

Virginia has added some laws that are supposed to help improve cycling safety, like letting drivers cross a double yellow line in order to pass a cyclists.  And the City of Alexandria is resurfacing trails.  At last.  Virginia appears to be waking from its Dixie slumber.  #Virginiabicycling

So, if I see you in the bike lane, safely cruising along behind those delicious new barriers, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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