Sunday, February 21, 2016

Award Winning Bike Share Helmet Design, and Bicycle to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

Looking for that perfect weekend getaway where you can ride your bike everywhere?  The Cherry Blossoms are glorious at peak bloom in Washington, and their access is very easy by bike.  If you want tips on how to get around during the festival, check out these two posts. Just across the mall are plenty of great restaurants where you can dock a share bike, or lock up your own.  Don't miss it, unless you have some sort of incapacitating allergies.  In that case, take something and come anyway.  You will have to walk your bike at peak times to avoid hitting people.  You may also have to dodge the occasional tour bus.  The good news is that those buses can no idle, so you can get around them without gagging.  #bikecherryblossoms

The French have changed.  Not only do they fight their own battles and plug terrorists nowadays, but they have decided to pave roads with solar panels that can bring electricity to five million people.

Poland is now right behind Italy and Germany in terms of bike production.  I notice you never hear the jokes anymore.

Proof that cycling is changing the culture:
Bike cities now include Dallas Fort Worth, and may expand to include Raleigh, University of Louisana at Lafayette, and the University of Delaware.  Cincinnati newspapers now run opinion pieces that advocate for more cycling.  What will be next?
In Ireland, Cork City has added bike share to its bumpy cobblestone roads.  Perfect.

Europeans find answers to vexing bicycle travel questions on  Like whether you can get around Benidorm on an e-bike.  Haven't you always wondered?

Ride a bike in Isreal and you had better obey the traffic rules or be ticketed.  Yes, I mean that kind of bike, not the other fume-spewing one.

Parson's School designer Barent Roth has come up with a gorgeous helmet that was made for bike share.  This will be my next helmet since I firmly believe you should try to look good when you ride a bike.  You are an ambassador for change after all.  #barentroth

So, if I see you in the bike lane, as we fly over the solar panels I imagine will grace our streets one day, as we head straight to pink, fluffy grace of the Cherry Blossoms, while wearing our fetching Barent Roth helmets, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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