Sunday, February 28, 2016

Human Potential Wasted on Long Commutes and the Death Toll from Vehicular Accidents

People who live in remote suburbs experience a change in their personalities and productivity as a result of long commutes.  This is terribly sad when you consider the fact that many people lives in remote x-urbs because they need affordable housing.  So this "need" causes them to fall further behind.  This is yet another argument in favor of living in small quarters and riding your bike to work.  See this nice piece from the Washington Post.

Are you frugal to a fault?  Re-use vacuum cleaner bags?  Buy everything in bulk?  Refuse to eat out unless someone is holding a gun to your head?  Ride a bike to save tens of thousands of dollars a year on car carrying costs and gym memberships?  This is a New Yorker piece on the guru of cheap, whose website is also hyperlinked below.  He is creative.  He rides a bike.  He won't bring you an extravagant gift that will make you feel uncomfortable and in need to setting boundaries.  #mrmoneymoustache

Penny Farthing bikes are weird, and yet I see a guy around Capitol Hill riding one from time-to-time as if his bike is no different from that Giant Hybrid you pump to work.  Well, Australia is holding Penny Farthing championships.  Eccentric.

What are the seven things people say to you after you ride your bike to work?  "You are a god[ess]."  "I wish I had the courage to ride."  "You wore your dress on your bike?"  Well, these may not be the most common of the remarks, but you might like to read which ones made the cut.  And, "You are the future, a gift, the best person on the planet now that Mother Theresa is dead," is not one of them.

Over a million people have been killed in vehicle accidents since 1990.  You are safer on a bike, statistically, and in terms of the threat you pose to others.  Sounds like that's worth a lot of karma.

So if I see you in the bike lane, even if you are a quirky Penny Farthing rider, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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