Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good Cops, Naked Bicyclists and Elderly Bike Messengers

It has not been a week of good cop stories, but there are loads of good cops, especially this one.  A Tennessee police officer invented a radar detector designed to catch cars that pass cyclists too closely.  Wonderful.  #goodcop  #bicycling

Naked Bike Week globally attracts, well, a category of person whom, I confess, I doubt is really motivated by a concern about global warming and fossil fuels.  Some appear to love displaying ill-considered piercings of their pudenda.  Yes it is a word which I have correctly italicized since it is Latin.  In the ancient dead language sense.  So in Portsmouth, England a city council member has called some participants more exhibitionists than activists.  #nakedbikeweek

Tomorrow in the U.S. we remember the people who fought and died while many of us cowered at home or were apathetic.  Last week the ride in silence was a different kind of honor for those who died cycling on the roads.  It's not exactly a theater of war, but it is a great idea to raise awareness, perhaps better than displaying your nether regions.  I'm just saying. #rideofsilence

Mashable, that little site that could, has published a list of the best bike routes.  It did not include mine, which passes at least two dumpsters and a recalcitrant office supply delivery truck.  I wonder why.  #bestbikeroutes

Tax haven, yes.  But bike friendly European country/city?  Hmmmm.  Luxembourg is climbing in the ranks of cycle friendly venues, and continues to advance on the "hiding-my-income-and-assets" friendly list at the same time.  #cycleluxembourg  #payyourdamntaxesforreal

Elderly people are being given a chance to work as bike messengers in Germany.   In the United States, they are still forced to watch back-to-back medication ads on network television news and suffer the indignities of assisted living in non-walkable, non-bikable communities.  Will some start-up please bring this here right away?

I have blogged before about the astonishing bravery of the Afghan women cyclists, but I must say that I am holding my breath and saying a little prayer for the women of Yemen who are trying the same.  May the wind lift you up and carry you high my sisters.  #yemeniwomencycling

So if I see you in the bike lane, dressed, though not necessary wearing a full hijab and/or abaya, though that would be okay too, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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