Sunday, May 3, 2015

Propel, Pervs, and Virtue Bike to Work this Month.

It is Bike to Work month, although for most of us that is every month except sometimes February.
May 15, 2015 is Bike to Work Day.  If you know a slacker, and we all do, tell them to at least bike that one stinking little day.  Some events to consider are linked here:
#biketoworkmonth #biketoworkday

Bike share just got $10.00 more expensive for a year's membership.  That's three lattes at a cheap place, or just 6 coffees (that you could easily make at home six times next year).  Just join.  #capitalbikeshare

So who rides bike share anyway?  Wealthy white men, for the most part.  However, more of them are using it all the time.  Where's everybody else?  Come on people.  It's Bike Share, not the Cosmos Club. Let's go!

Fenway Park in Boston just got a bike valet.  Now I could write something trollish or bating here, but instead let me just say "welcome." Welcome Boston, finally.  We have had bike parking and a free bike valet for years here in Washington.  (That wasn't provocative, was it?  You never want to inflame those Boston fans.  Ahem.) #bikevalet #fenwaybikevalet

Feel emotional when people get into the bike helmet debate?  Yes, it makes sense.  No, people are too alarmist.  Stop catastrophizing, if that is a word.  If you're for it, you are probably from here.  If not, you are probably from some place where they have had a bike culture longer. #bikehelmetdebate

Whether you were in favor of the Iraq war or not, you have to feel good when a guy who went to battle and came out injured wins an award for his e-bike design.  #propelbikes

The problem with #cycling in the rain is you get wet.  If you are anti-spandex and want to be dressed for work when you arrive there on your bike, rain is a challenge.  The virtue bike is covered to protect you from rain.  And it looks like a Minion.  Sort of.  #virtuebike  I want one yesterday please.  If many of us get one, no one will look silly to the haters.

Are Americans driving more?  If our IQs are dropping, or we have resorted to short term thinking.  Oh dear, it turns out we are getting dumber.  Turn back the slip toward idiocy.  Ride your bike.

A perv on a bicycle has been groping women.  This story that was cross-posted by +Ben Folsom.  Folsom gets the nice guy of the week award, while the perv gets the pathetic and dangerous loser of the week award. #yuck
Looking for quick fix solutions to bike problems? Bicycle Magazine has a nice little set of them for you.  These tips won't eliminate the beast in the BMW who is texting as he drives wildly toward you, but they will help you fix a chain issue, a flat, and assorted other problems.
Speaking of things that threaten your bike commute, a U.K. Man decided to motivate his local government to fix gaping potholes in a rather unusual way.  He painted penises on them in the hope that they would: (1) notice the road damage; (2) fix it.  Or so he later explained.  Potholes are a serious danger, but seriously.  Do you just hate municipal meetings so much that you must resort to this?  #probablyneedsmedication  #needsashrink #potholescanmakenormalcyclistsinsane

Fancy a periscope for your bike because you can't bear to look up?  Help crowd fund one.  #silly

So if I see you in the bike lane, on a Propel Bike or a Virtue covered bike, headed to work to set an example for others, and you are not a perv, or you do not reveal yourself to be one at least, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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