Sunday, May 17, 2015

Quax Much in a Skirt?

#Quaxing has become an Internet thing.  Quaxing, or the practice of hauling groceries on a bicycle, has become a bragging right for Western #cyclists.  Sure you can haul that 48-roll pack of toilet paper home from Costco on your #Shinola, but what about your entire crop production?  I think we might be a little late to the party, or so a few thousand Cambodians could explain.  That said, I think quaxing makes you superior to the SUV crowd.  So quax on a prosper.

Salt Lake City, Utah is about to do the right thing and add features to intersections to protect the lives of cyclists riding in dedicated bike lanes.  Now if they would do the right thing by wine producers and coffee roasters, I would seriously consider a move there.  #SaltLakeCity

While some cyclists crave safety, others crave adrenaline.  These mountain bicyclists take on a hill so dangerous that hikers use cables when climbing it. #mountainbicycling #nuts
Another week, another anti bike theft software start-up.  Check it out and tell me if you think it will work. #biketheft

On the subject of bike theft, or perhaps more exactly, receipt of stolen property, to wit, a Capital Bike Share bike with obvious paint and markings:
The nitwit of the week award goes to the horrible person who attempted to sell a stolen bike share bike on  You can develop software to help prevent bike theft, yes indeed, but can you develop software to raise a moral deficient's sense of human decency?  If so, I'd crowd fund that. #biketheft

Is the car age over?  Guardian U.K. suggests possibly.  Not a dystopic vision, Ridley.  Not at all.

Looking for a job in the world of cycling?  The Washington Area Bicyclists' Association is hiring.

Some recommendations for the city bike commuter who needs to arrive for the meeting without a costume change: I am bullish on Betabrand's bike-to-work skirt.  It looks good, it's made in San Francisco, you can wash it in a machine, and its in a reasonable price point for big city dwellers.  Also great are fit and flare dresses by Reiss and Calvin Klein.  The CK ones are sometimes washable too.  Key point for those riding in humidity and heat this summer.  Why wear spandex and look like a sausage, or your quirky cousin Fred, when you can channel Audrey Hepburn?  #betabrand #Reiss #dressesforcyclists #skirtsforcyclists #bikelikeawoman

So, if I see you in the bike lane, in a bike-to-work skirt, or hauling a cord of wood just to one-up the other quaxing cyclists on Twitter, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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