Sunday, September 27, 2015

Smuts Rides Again, E-Bikes For First Responders, and An App That Works.

So we know that cops who ride bikes look a little less like they have been decamped in the donut shop for a career, and they save tons of tax dollars on public health concerns.  But there is a new electric bike that is being designed for first responders.  The #spir.  Something that will allow them to access smaller passageways and nab thieving, fleet-of-foot miscreants.  If they ride regular bikes too, they can fit into those narrow passageways and not exceed the width of the bike.  I am in favor of this for urban environs.  Not sure it would work in rural Kentucky.  In any event, I could have used it this week when I found myself face-to-face with a package thief while I was atop my #Xtracycle and headed to the hair salon.  There he was, an unfamiliar face, carrying an Amazon box away from my front door just days after I had several stolen.  Before I knew it, I was chasing after him while talking to the 9-1-1 dispatcher and describing him from head to toe.  If I have been wearing a kevlar vest and a side arm, an electric assist might have come in handy.  And, if I were a police officer, I could also expect that my spouse would not afterwards accuse me of lunacy and endangering my own life.  Which I am not saying happened, but it might have.  The important point is that I made it to the salon and blow dry looked glorious.  And it made me think how e-bikes could help cops.

No wonder this man's marriage has lasted 50 years.  He rode his bike to France from England to get his wife her favorite coffee.  Bikes, coffee, marital bliss.  David Pedlow is my person of the week, and maybe next week too.  I suspect his marriage will last another 50 years.

Spin class kills.  That's why I ride my bike outdoors.  Cars crash into spin studios, and hurt confused people, who can't hear over that tired old version of "Shake Your Booty."  Really.

Are you sick of bike thieves?  We all are, and if you live in the city, you know how much you have to think before you lock you bike somewhere and go for dinner.  Bike vault is a new technology that claims it is theft proof.  Sure, and that line of code is perfect and no one will ever be able to hack it.  And that red dress does not make you look fat.  Bike vault actually looks a lot like a bike share dock. What I cannot figure out is who will pay for it and how it can be made widely available.  #bikevault

Tom Smuts rides to the Emmy Awards on his bicycle, again.  Do you love this guy?  First he writes an awesome tv show.  And then another one.  Then he dresses like he really understands style.  As opposed to the guy who has gotten too "comfy" and is reduced to wearing "forgiving" pants and big shirts.  To cap it off, for two years running he has ridden his bike to the awards ceremony.  And I don't think it's because Uber raised their rates during that time period. #tomsmuts

Diversion for bicycle tickets now in California.  That means you would have to go to traffic school.  And say "Hail Mary" about 17 times.  And then sign something that says "will not salmon."

The problem of ugly helmets is much more serious than people think.  As a matter of public policy, if we are trying to sell people on cycling instead of driving, we should all be wearing gorgeous helmets.  But let's face it, my leopard print helmet cost a small fortune.  Kali helmets much cheaper, much more attractive.

There are few things more fun than seeing a guy peddling along his burrito stand/bike.  Bicycling magazine has published a story about the best food bikes around.  And they are less landscape obscuring than food trucks.

So the bug fixes are here and the #Citibike app is being upgraded.  This is needed since it was not working too well.  Or sometimes at all.  It cannot be a case that a large dock says at 7:54 p.m. that is has 18 bikes, and no more then 12 minutes later it is completely empty.  Unless a tour bus unloaded a crowd of people, all of whom already had a fob.

So if I see you in the bike lane, and I am still filled with forgiveness since the Pope's visit, and you are wearing a terrible helmet, nevertheless, let's still be smug.
Elisa P.

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