Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Only Way to React to the Pope Is To Ride A Bike

So the Holy Father is coming to the Nation's Capital where he will, among other things, lead mass at St. Matthews, which has been giving communion to gay people for 20 years.  This is all wonderful and shows the progress of the church.  Here are the secondary and tertiary cycling culture plusses.  You will not be able to get anywhere in Washington for three full days unless you are on a bike.  Bwahahahahahahhha!  Thanks Pope Francis.  If people didn't get it before, they will now.  And may I say what a cool Pope you are too.  Thanks for the assist, Fondly, DC's cyclists.  And here are the road closures for those of you who will take to two wheels:

I love my #xtracycle.  I call it "the Station Wagon for the Evolved."  And now Tern is crowd funding a cargo fold-up.  You can burn calories, haul a cord of wood, and store it under your desk.  Help these people, please.  I am not saying they are doing God's work, but it's awfully close.  #coughupsomecash

Want to laugh so hard you could spit out your drink?  Read Bikeradar's list of the most sexist bicycle marketing campaigns.  Bike Radar kind of rocks anyway, but this article is a must read for anyone with more than a funeral director's sense of humor.  Sad so many ad men will have lost work after believing any reference to buxom women, however unrelated to cycling, would help bike sales.  You folks sadly underestimate the intelligence of cyclists.  #bikeradar

Know Malmo, Sweden?  Furniture design, random right wing extremists, and perhaps the best cycling culture ever.  Here's a list of the greatest bicycling cities to visit.  Malmo is number one.  #malmocycling

Among the saddest pieces of cycling news (or, heck any news) I have read was the notice that White House's chief Technology Officer, Jake Thomas Brewer,  was killed by an oncoming car while riding in a cycling event to raise money for cancer research.  He had a wife and small daughter.  Keep his family in your thoughts.  He was only 34 years old.   #jackthomasbrewer

A personal thanks to the spandex guys who shouted greetings to my son while we rode through Haines Point tonight on my Xtracycle.  Following a not-serious suggestion by +DavidCrowell, I decided to combine century training with kid time.  I place my 50 pound son on the back of my 60 pound Xtracycle and rode a long ride, culminating in pizza and gelato.  Every rider shouted hello to my little guy, proving once again what I already know to be true, that people who ride bikes are just different, and yes, better than others.

So, if I see you in the bike lane, and you are the spirit of Jake Thomas Brewer, whispering a cool new code for the app that could cure cancer, let's be smug.
Elisa P.

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